Back/Neck/Shoulders ONLY

Schedule 30-minutes of traditional massage therapy that focuses solely on the back & shoulders with a gentle massage & stretch for the neck.  Add Hot Stones for $5 more. Schedule online below.

30-Min Back/Neck/Shoulder Massage/$35


+Hot Stones/$40

Chair PLUS Neck & Shoulders 

Got an Hour? Schedule this 30-Minute Full-Body Electronic Chair Massage followed by a 30-Minute Neck & Shoulders ONLY Massage.  

60-Min "The Combo"/$65

Contact Masha to reserve sessions for Groups of 3 or more. A 50% Deposit is required for Groups.

Group Chair Massage 

Contact us to schedule Sessions for Groups of 3 or more. 50% Deposit & at least 24 hours’ notice are required.

Mins/Discount/Per Person

10 Mins/$5 off/$10

20 Mins/$5 off/$20

30 Mins/$5 off/$25

What parts of my body will be massaged?When receiving your Neck & Shoulder Massage, only your shoulders will be massaged, concluding with a gentle neck massage and stretch. Our Electronic Massage Chairs provide modern massage technology for almost the entire body including your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, hips, outer thighs, glutes, calves, and feet (no scalp or face massage)

Are traditional hands-on massages still offered by a therapist?

The only hands-on service we provide is our 30-minute Neck & Shoulder Massage.

To receive a Neck & Shoulder Massage, we advise you to remove all clothing and jewelry from your upper body.

I decided to learn more about massage therapy after a friend of mine...(Read more HERE).

Couples Chair Massage 

Contact us to schedule Couples Sessions.  At least 24 hours’ notice is required.

Mins/Discount/Per Person/Per Couple

10 Mins/$3 off /$12/$24

20 Mins/$4 off/$21/$42

30 Mins/$5 off/$25/$50

Zero Gravity Chair Massage Package

Purchase 3 Single Sessions in full at regular rate, get your 4th session free.  

Pkg/Discount/Per Person

Four 10 Min Sessions/$15 x 3/$45

Four 20 Min Sessions/$25 x 3/$75


Four 30 Min Sessions/$30 x 3/$90

Couples Chair Massage Package

Purchase 3 Couples Sessions in full at regular rate, get your 4th session free.

Pkg/Discount/Per Person/Per Couple

Four 10 Min Sessions/$12 x 3/$36/$72

Four 20 Min Sessions/$21 x 3/$63/$126

Four 30 Min Sessions/$25 x 3/$75/$150

Ink Therapy:  Adorn yourself with body art to commemorate the memory of a loved one, celebrate a major accomplishment, or to visually express your personality or passion. While you're at it, capture a moment in time with a freelance photo session or make a statement with your business by getting a new logo or other graphic design needs.

Refresh, Recharge. Relax! offers an alternative to traditional hands-on massage therapy. Due to the current global pandemic, our space has been equipped with state of the art, ergonomically designed, highly efficient, therapeutic Zero Gravity Massage Chairs


Reclining in zero-gravity position in our therapeutic massage chairs suspends your body in a neutral posture where your feet are elevated in alignment with your heart. You will experience a weightless sensation allowing your body to relax deeply, ease muscle tension, and improve circulation--all while receiving a full-body massage.


In the time it would take to receive a 60-minute massage by a therapist, our chairs will apply therapeutic massage techniques to the entire body in considerably less time.  Allow yourself to melt into a deep restful state and let the chair do the work.


Our separate stations can accommodate individuals as well as couples. Contact Us for more information.

Therapy is defined as “a way to help people with a broad variety of mental, physical, and emotional difficulties. Therapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function better and increase well-being and healing (American Psychiatric Association).”


Refresh. Recharge. Relax! offers several types of therapy provided by professionally licensed practitioners who have years of experience in their respective fields. These therapies are combined with a unique blend of serene atmosphere, quiet conversation, tranquil ambiance, and soothing aromas all wrapped up in one clean and beautifully decorated space.


Our services include Hands-Free Massage Therapy in our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs, Hands-On Massage Therapy with our Licensed Massage Therapist, Ink Therapy with our licensed tattoo artist, Photographic Therapy with our professional photographer/graphic designer, and Skin Therapy with a purchase of our hand-made whipped body butter.


Look through our website and request an appointment. Come on in, have a seat, order a complementary beverage, listen to soft music…and when you’re done, schedule your next appointment to Refresh, Recharge, and Relax!

Existing Clients:  Hands-on massage therapy with Masha is available for existing clients (those who were clients prior to COVID-19), and referrals from existing clients. Sessions must be at least 60-minutes long for full body massage. *Prenatal Massage is no longer available. There are no discounts for any services. Hands-on massage is limited to 2 Clients per day.

Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

+Hot Stones for $5  

eliminated our hands-on massage therapy services in order to provide hands-free Zero Gravity Chair Massage. 


We utilize Zero Gravity Massage Chairs to simulate the intricate movements of a trained massage professional--providing an excellent alternative to traditional massage therapy.  Each session is time efficient and affordable for anyone, making Refresh. Recharge. Relax! perfect for incorporating massage into your regular routine. 

Masha is temporarily accepting  2 to 3 (max) clients for Swedish Massage (no deep tissue, prenatal, or hot stone) on Mondays ONLY for existing clients (not accepting new clients at this time).


Online scheduling is not available. Please Contact Masha to book your Melt into Mondays appointment!


30 mins~$35/45 mins~$50/60 mins~$65 

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

1 Hour

1 Hour & 15 Minutes

1 Hour & 30 Minutes






New & Existing Clients: Request an hour of deep relaxation with 30 minutes on our Zero-Gravity Massage Chair followed by a 30-Minute Neck & Shoulders ONLY Massage (no lower body) with Masha.  

Contact Masha to request an appointment. Online scheduling is not available for these services.

To take advantage of our massage room rental, please submit all requested information on the form below. Once information is received, fees will be calculated, and the total will be sent to the email address provided below. Contract will be emailed and MUST be printed by the renter and filled out, signed and dated. Once all information is approved by Refresh. Recharge. Relax! and the renter, the renter will submit full payment, thus reserving our room.

More detailed information will be provided in the contract. By submitting a request for room rental, renter agrees to adhere to ALL rules and regulations of our space, including COVID-19 protocol. Anyone who violates any rules set forth by our facility will be asked to leave and will therefore forfeit all fees. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason without explanation.

Our facility is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Room may be rented for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 8 hours. Available days/hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am-6 pm. All renters must leave room clean and be finished with all work by 7 pm.

Swedish/Deep Tissue massage with Masha is temporarily available. Contact Masha to schedule an appointment.

​*These services are for existing clients only. No pregnancy or hot stones.

75 Mins/$80

90 Mins/$100

120 Mins/$150

30 Mins/$35

45 Mins/$50

60 Mins/$65

Neck/Shoulder/Back/Foot Shiatsu Massager:  Those who have conditions contraindicated for our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs or who prefer no lower body work can still relieve upper-body pain with our hand-held Neck & Shoulder Shiatsu Massager.

You control the pressure by maneuvering the massager with your hands to soothe achy neck & shoulder muscles, while pressing against our Shiatsu Back Massager as it works lower back muscles.  Shiatsu Foot Massager also available (socks required). *Tools are thoroughly disinfected after each use.

It's Cool is not a body butter. It is a topical pain relieving gel comprising of cooling, anti-inflammatory essential oils, Apply this gel to sore areas like your neck, shoulders, or knees. Wash hands thoroughly after each use. Be sure to keep this product away from your face and private areas.

30 Min Neck & Shoulders ONLY

30 Min Back ONLY

45 Min Back, Neck, & Shoulders

1 Hour Full Body

1 Hour & 15 Minutes Full Body

1 Hour & 30 Minutes Full Body







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Full-body Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage is temporarily available (January & February) for Existing Clients Only (no new clients)Contact Masha to schedule. Online booking is not available.  A face covering must be worn during the entire session.


* * * * *

~Add Hot Stones for no additional charge~


30 Min Neck & Shoulders ONLY.....35

30 Min Back ONLY.....40

45 Min Back, Neck, & Shoulders ONLY.....55

1 Hour Upper Body ONLY.....65

1 Hour Full Body.....75

1 Hour & 15 Minutes Full Body.....90

1 Hour & 30 Minutes Full Body....110

  2 Hour Full Body....125

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 Refresh. Recharge. Relax! does not assume liability for any personal injury or illness.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without explanation. 

Surveillance on premises.