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Zero Gravity Chair Massage: Read Restrictions & Procedure to view contraindications for Zero Gravity Chair Massage. After reading the descriptions below, choose a 10 or 20-minute massage to Refresh or Recharge. Extend your session to 30, 45, or 60 minutes to Relax! 


30 Minute Mini: Choose a 30-minute mini massage focused solely on loosening tight muscles in ONE specific group. Add hot stones for no additional charge. Schedule as a stand-alone service or book The Combo, a 30-minute Zero Gravity Chair Massage followed by your choice of 30 Minute Mini.  Hands-on sessions may not be combined or exceed 30 minutes. 

Customized Chair Massage

Select Kneading Therapy if you enjoy a broader massage to relieve tightness in the upper, middle, and lower back. This full-body session utilizes various synchronized rollers that move back & forth/up & down the body to relax muscles, simulating the kneading motion commonly used in Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage. Choose this option if you prefer more focus on the neck and upper back.

Choose Roller Therapy if you enjoy deep pressure gliding down the muscles on either side of your spine, or the roller/traction table at your chiropractor. This full-body chair massage session utilizes the chair's center rollers to provide traction and decompression to the vertebral column, combined with steady pressure along the muscles that surround the spine. This session feels great for those who need to relieve pressure, tightness, and stiffness along the spine and decompression for the lower back.


If you like heavy, intense, deep pressure, our Standard Chair Massage, is for you. This program offers a full-body session that massages the body from the base of the skull to the soles of the feet, with minimal focus on any one muscle group. It features a mixture of all mechanics of the chair--tapping, compression, spinal rolling, muscle kneading, air pressure, and a lower-body stretch for spinal decompression.

Standard Chair Massage

Couples Chair Massage

Our spacious chair massage rooms can easily accommodate singles as well as couples. Bring your BFF, spouse, sister, brother, mom, dad, etc, along for a couples chair massage. 

30 Minute Back ONLY 

Loosens tight muscles under the shoulder blades and along the spine. Face down during entire session. Does not include neck stretches.

30 Minute Calves & Feet

Loosens tight calf muscles. Soothes sore, tired feet with our very own essential oil blend. Face up during entire session.  

30 Minute Neck & Shoulders 

Loosens tight neck and shoulder muscles with a gentle massage & stretch using our very own essential oil blend. Includes arms & hands. Face up during entire session. Includes gentle neck stretches. 

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