Procedure for Chair Massage

Clients will be required to Book Online or Contact Us to schedule an appointment (no walk-ins or same-day appointments). Per our COVID-19 regulations, please DO NOT arrive more than 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your session will be cancelled, and you will still be responsible for full payment of your service.


All clients are required to wear a face covering during their entire stay in our office. Hand sanitizer is available for use at our front desk and throughout our space.  Temperatures will be taken with a touch-less thermometer. There will be no required paperwork. Instead, clients will be checked in at the front desk before each appointment.

By arriving for each appointment and checking in, clients are agreeing to the Cancellation Policy and confirming there are no injuries or illnesses listed in our Restrictions.  After checking in, clients will be escorted to one of our therapy rooms.


PLEASE WEAR CLEAN SOCKS OR BRING A PAIR WITH YOU. Remain fully clothed (for your protection, there is surveillance on the premises). Clean, dry socks and clothes are required (no sweaty or wet socks or clothes). It is very important that you remove all jewelry from your ears, neck, arms, and hands. Remove items from pockets. Silence cell phones and refrain from talking loudly.

The scheduled session will be set on your chair.  Ambient music is provided. Once you are comfortable, you will be left alone to enjoy your massage. When your session has ended, you will be escorted from the room.


Payment: While paying online (optional when booking) is encouraged, you may also pay by cash, local check, or credit/debit card after your appointment.