Restrictions for Chair Massage


Clients using our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs should be:

  • 5’0”- 6’5” tall

  • no more than 285 pounds

  • at least 16 years of age 

Please consult your physician if you are unsure or have questionable health issues. Below are some conditions and contraindications to consider before scheduling any type of massage.

  • acute inflammation due to a recent surgery, accident, or injury

  • skin sensitivity, rash, open sores, or bruises

  • bone diseases such as osteoporosis

  • heart ailments or vascular disease

  • spinal disc injuries or dysfunction

  • herniated discs

  • claustrophobia

  • spinal stenosis

  • coronavirus

  • pacemaker

  • pregnancy

  • scoliosis

  • cancer

  • fever

  • cold

  • flu